Our History

Ridgeback Projects Ltd has been undertaking bespoke building ventures across London and the South for the past two decades. Our approach is to ensure our team works closely with each client to guarantee their project is completed on time, within the desired budget and built to an impeccable standard.


Ridgeback Projects Ltd offer a full-service build, supporting clients from the initial design stage, to the management of each project, all the way through to the final parts of the construction.


We fully believe that we deliver on providing you with the highest quality in workmanship, designs and materials. Working alongside our sister company, Ridgeback Consulting Ltd, we also specialise in providing property consultancy, project manangement and surveying services. As such, we can fulfill all of your project needs without you needing to involve multiple companies.

Our Team

Managing Director, Oliver Thorne, has been an integral part of Ridgeback Projects’ success, guiding customers through hundreds of projects and managing an extensive range of unique projects throughout London and the South.


Ridgeback Projects Ltd also have their own dedicated surveying and building teams who share their wealth of knowledge of building and construction. The company’s ethos has always been the same: offer a customer- centric project that is designed, managed and built to exceed the customer’s expectation.


Looking for assistance with a new project? The team at Ridgeback are available to assist you with any queries or enquiries.